Park City is a 300 capacity venue in the heart of the Black Rock neighborhood of Bridgeport available for all types of private events from bridal showers and fundraisers to weddings and mitzvahs! Below we will list some technical specs of the venue for your perusal!


Venue Size: Main Hall: 3500 square feet Back Annex: 3000 square feet

Stage Size: 23’ wide x 15’ deep

Bathrooms: A ladies room with 4 stalls and a men’s room with 2 stalls and 2 urinals. The Annex has an additional two bathroom with two facilities per BR.

Tables and Chairs: We have: 19 vintage German biergarten tables and benches. 150 folding chairs for seated events. 3 high tops with 4 stools each. 6 square low tables. 3 banquettes. 12 bar stools. The annex has an assortment of leather couches, benches, cushioned chairs, and more.

Bar: Our full bar supports up to 10 tap lines which are typically filled with local craft beers.

Our kitchen is a small but full service kitchen complete with convection oven, 4 burner gas range, large flat top, and dual fry stations.

Parking: We have a parking lot with 65 parking spots directly behind the venue. There is a municipal lot across the street with an additional 50 spots or so.